The Coming of Tulku



running time

160 min

release date

April 2011



莊周夢蝶,無有虛實。詩人在紅塵中夢想脫俗,於露電裡捕捉永恆。《化城再來人》借用佛經典故,以周夢蝶的一天隱喻其一生中的風景,從日常中穿插映射其思維、修行、寫作,試圖重現昔年武昌街 氣氛、書攤的孤獨國,追索病痛帶來的改變與啟發、幾次生命裡的流徙與意義,最後具現為那不負如來不負卿的悟與情。



法國高等社會科學學院語言學博士,行人出版社創辦人,主持翻譯《精神分析辭彙》。拍攝紀錄片包括有《移民》、《阿坤》、《鄭在東》、《姚一葦口述史》等。屢應各大國際研討會之邀,發表影像 方面論文,其特出觀點及論述,每每引起學者熱烈迴響。

The Ancient Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhou turned into a butterfly in his dream, reality and fantasy were blurred. The poet dreams to live free of secularity and capture eternity in a fragment of time. The coming of Tulku cites the anecdotes of Buddhist classics, referring to a whole life time by the allusion of one day in te life of Chou Meng-tieh. His thoughts, meditations, and writings are reflected in his everyday life. By reproducing the atmosphere of the old WuChang Street, and the loneliness he faced at his bookstand, he can ponder over the changes and inspirations brought by the suffering of various ailments. Several migrations and contemplations in life eventually lead to the realization of enlightenment and affection that he should be both loyal to Buddha and his loved ones.

Chou Meng-tieh (1921- ) started his bookstand in front of the Astoria Café in 1959, becoming an important cultural icon in the 1960s and 1970s. It was only in 1980 that he closed the bookstand due to a stomach ailment. He is knowledgeable in Chinese studies, and favors the citation of classics in his poems. Deeply influenced by Buddhism, his poems are rich in Zen, and the style flows with grace. The poems are tinged with affection and prudence whenever talking about people, scenery, or objects. His works are as strong as "making fire in the snow, and casting fire to the snow", but also seem like a fallen leaf on a street corner, "sheltering you from rain with my current and coming lives".

Director Chen Chuan-xin

Chen Chuan-xin received a PhD in Linguistics, from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, France. He is the founder of the Editions du Flaneur, hosting the translation project of Vocabulaire de la Psychanalyse. His documentary works include Immigrants, A Kun, Zheng Zhai-dong, and Narrative Biography of Yao Yi-wei. He is often the guest speaker at international seminars that publish film theses; his unique insight and interpretation are well acclaimed.

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