The Untrammeled Traveler



running time

75 min

release date

April 2011







He is back. The one who used to explore Sirius and travel around the world like the ancient Chinese traveler Hsu Xia-ke; the crane cremator with flaming eyes is back. He said that Xizi Bay would be his final resting place. The Untrammeled Traveler follows the footsteps of Mr. and Mrs. Yu, exploring the poetʼs nostalgia, literary inspiration, writing style and interaction with the literary circle. How he lived through those days when Western and Chinese thoughts were drastically exchanged and found his own voice is also seen in the film. His life consists of influential thoughts and vigorous sentences, and Yu Guang-zhong chose to settle in Xizi Bay, on the south of the island, with his wife, accompanying each other in peace.

Yu Guang-zhong (1928- ) received his Masterʼs Degree in Art from the University of Iowa. He taught in Hong Kong for 11 years, leaving an inextinguishable influence on the development of its modern literature. He returned to Taiwan and started teaching at National Sun Yat-Sen University in the mid 1980s. His works are regularly included in Chinese textbooks, and his poems are used continually by various cultural media. It could be said that he is the most influential writer in the Chinese literary world of Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. He immerses himself both in Chinese and western literary materials. His poems are emphasized with musicality, whereas his prose is rich in humor and knowledge. Yu Guang-zhong has also participated in several important literature and culture debates in Taiwan since the 1960s.

Director Chen Hwai-eng

Chen Hwai-eng belongs to the group of directors from the first wave of new Taiwanese movies. For more than 20 years, he has been working with several famous Taiwanese directors, such as Yang De-chang and Ho Xiao-xien. He is a talented director in many ways, producing more than a hundred films. In the 2007 film Island Etude, he was responsible for screenplay, directing, and cinematography. The movie became a blockbuster and led to the phenomenon of cycling in Taiwan.

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