Towards the Completion
of a Poem



running time

75 min

release date

April 2011







What is immortal like loneliness? From Chi Lai Mountain to Berkeley, what is rising in the confusing mind - poems. Towards the Completion of a Poem rides along with the recitation of Yang Mu, unfolding the exploration towards a vast literary career. From the hesitant young man at National Hualien Senior High School, the college student debating and learning by the Dadu Mountain in Taichung, the researcher dedicated to the studies of ancient English out of persistence and curiosity at the University of Iowa, the writer comfortably absorbing western, Chinese and Taiwanese cultural resources trying to create his literary works, to the poet who is determined to work on rhyme and imagination meticulously; these moments amaze us more deeply when we read Yang Mu's works once again.

Yang Mu (1940- ) was born in Hualien County, Taiwan. He received the PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Berkeley. Since high school, he published using the penname Yeh San. He then changed his name to Yang Mu in 1972 and transformed his writing style. After moving to the United States, he tried to create narrative poems with classic and graceful phrasings, and with in-depth and timeless essence. It was pointed out in Collections of Top Ten Modern Chinese Poets that Yang Mu's poems were the presentation of a "fulfillment of beauty", an "amazement of the classical", and the "rhythm of nature". The recognition of locality and the consideration of reality can also be found in his poems. His style is abundant in change and profoundness, exploring the balance between tradition and modern.

Director Wen Zhi-yi

With the style of undertone and depth, Wen Zhi-yi is creating a new trend of documentary films. The movie Nyonya's Taste of Life was nominated for eight awards at the Golden Bell Awards and won three. The short film Sleeping with Her was even the special award winner at the Golden Horse Awards, Asia Pacific Film Festival, as well as at the Dubai International Film Festival.

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